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Virtual Reality Technologies


It's essential that your team is trained and ready to respond to working in a hazardous environment.

Training your staff with our Virtual Reality Technologies System can reduce injuries, reduce overall training costs and improve staff knowledge and skill.  

See how you can use this innovative and exciting training system in your organisation.

 About Virtual Reality

 Why use Virtual Reality

Coal Services has developed the most advanced real world simulator of its kind, exposing staff to dangerous situations that may be encountered in a hazardous environment.

Our Virtual Reality Technologies System is accurate and realistic, allowing staff to experience and respond to real hazards in a safe and controlled environment… before actually encountering them in the workplace.

Let our experts explain how this Virtual Reality Technologies can revolutionise your training experience.

Simulation scenarios address core competency standards for workers in hazardous environments.  This state of the art training tool is designed to give staff practical experience reducing risk.

Virtual Reality Technologies creates accurate and realistic virtual environments,
where a trainee's response to the situation affects outcome.  As such, it
delivers the highest quality training and outcomes that could be life saving.

Reduce the risk of training in a dangerous environment, reduce overall training costs and build team cohesiveness and skill levels. Can your organisation afford not to use Virtual Reality Technologies?

 Virtual Reality Technologies modules

 Course details

Our training modules have initially been developed  for the coal industry, with the technology available for use in other industries. View the modules that are already developed and see how beneficial this system is for any industry with potential hazards.

Find out if you or your team can be enrolled in the next available course. Get your organisation trained to handle high risk situations today for a safer tomorrow.

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Coal Services

Coal Services is a company with over 60 years experience serving the coal mining industry.

Coal Services is an industry-owned  Australian leader in worker's compensation, health, safety and mines rescue services and has captured international attention with advanced virtual reality technologies programs for both the open cut and underground coal industry.

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